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The future of the region
in renewable energy

Since 1995

Today for the experts of tomorrow – we focus on training and development.

With good

In the Energy Park, we have been relying on the use of renewable energy since 1995. It is important to us that we take the population with us on our path to the energy transition. Therefore, in addition to the production of energy, we place a great deal of focus on information and awareness.

We invest not only in new plants, but also in education and research – in schools with the Young Climate Changers project, with our Renewable Energy Systems course together with the Vienna University of Technology, and with our self-imposed goal of pushing innovation and research.

We take you with us on our journey into the energy future!

Since 1995

Renewable energy


Different energy sources: solar, water, wind and biogas

We think the energy future


We are strongly rooted in the region and see ourselves as a driving force in regional development. Starting from our location in Bruck/Leitha, we work hard for our region Römerland Carnuntum and are on the road with school projects like Young Climate Changers.