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At Energiepark, we place a lot of emphasis on comprehensive awareness and care for our region. We are the strong, competent partner for all topics related to renewable energy. We want to communicate this to the region. Our KEM and KLAR! managers support us in making our region more sustainable.

Under the umbrella of the Energy Park, we support the regional population. In cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund, our KEM and KLAR! managers look after municipalities in order to accompany them on their way to the energy transition or to jointly implement measures against climate change.

Climate and energy model regions, or KEMs for short, are shaping the energy transition. The central element in each KEM is a model region manager. Together with partners from the region, projects are implemented around the topics of renewable energy, reduction of energy consumption, sustainable construction, climate-neutral mobility and awareness raising.

In a KLAR!, a climate change adaptation model region, the aim is to develop measures and plan them together with the population in order to defy climate change. Here, projects for more greenery in the localities, soil unsealing and creation of shaded areas are to be implemented.

Together, KEM and KLAR! have the goal of raising awareness among the population. The energy park provides significant support here.

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