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Biogas plant Bruck/Leitha

System description

System description

Biogas plant Bruck an der Leitha became operational in May 2004. It was subsequently upgraded in the 1st half of 2014 and converted to 100% bio methane purification and gas grid feed-in.

In the absence of atmospheric oxygen, renewable raw materials and organic waste taken from the food and feed industry is ferment to biogas. The conversion into electricity and heat takes place via a combined heat and power system. These are only needed for our own consumption. The fermentation substrate remaining from the anaerobic fermentation is used as plant fertilizer on agricultural land.

Biogas treatment. The ambitious research project “Virtual Biogas” laid the technological foundation for the current design of the plant towards full feed-in of bio methane. Since 2007, biogas has been purified to natural gas quality using a membrane technology developed in Austria and fed into the gas grid. This unique project “Virtual Biogas” showed that the upgrading of biogas to natural gas quality is technically feasible, energy-efficient and thus economically feasible.

The aim is to help this innovative technology achieve a breakthrough: because the admixture of locally produced biogas with conventional natural gas can significantly increase its environmental compatibility.

Meanwhile, 3,300,000m³ per year of purified biogas (= bio methane) are fed into the grid.

Our current portfolio of Biogas Bruck an der Leitha:

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Technical Data:

Annual throughput: 34,000 tons

Bio methane feed-in per year: 3,300,000 m³
-> Bio methane for 2,200 households or
-> 1,000 circumnavigations of the earth in a modern NGV

The capacity of the gas purification plant:
1,000 m³ bio gas per h

3 fermentation tanks per 3,000 m³
2 secondary fermentation tanks per 5,000 m³

2 cogeneration units:
1x 836 kWelekt. / 1x 526 kWelekt.

Electricity or heat production of the CHPs is only for our own consumption.


Biogas Bruck/Leitha GmbH & Co KG
Szallasweg 1
A-2460 Bruck an der Leitha

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