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Report on biodiversity at Sonnenfeld

The botany report "Monitoring of flowering plants on flowering strips at the EWS Sonnenfeld agri-PV plant in Bruck/Leitha" has been completed and published. The solar field in Bruck/Leitha, powered by the Climate and Energy Fund, not only supplies solar power and valuable food, but also

Off to the TU Vienna!

Welcome! 20 students started the Renewable Energy Systems course today at the @ TU Vienna - for four semesters, the students will be focusing on renewable energy. We have been running the international course at the Energy Park in close cooperation with the Vienna University

Repair instead of throwing away!

Do you know that? Your favorite chef's knife is blurred, a seam has come undone in your nicest blouse or the toaster suddenly won't spit out the slice of bread? The Repair Café can help! Repairing instead of throwing away is the motto - this

Our new office building

Since September, the Energy Park has been located just a few meters away from its previous site at the new address Fischamender Straße 12a in Bruck. The Bruck Energy Park has been in existence since 1995. In the 28-year history of the company, the office

Harvest day at the sun field!

A "fry party" was held to celebrate the first harvest at the Sonnenfeld and share the potato harvest with the local population. "We are very pleased that we not only harvest green solar power at the Sonnenfeld, but also make a significant

We have moved!

Our new office location in Fischamender Straße 12 a in Bruck/Leitha offers modern, bright workplaces for our employees. Particular attention was paid to compensating for the area sealed by the construction with the green terrace and roof area - the meadow was raised