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Report on biodiversity at Sonnenfeld

The botany report “Monitoring of flowering plants on flowering strips at the EWS Sonnenfeld agri-PV plant in Bruck/Leitha” has been completed and published.

The solar field in Bruck/Leitha, powered by the Climate and Energy Fund, not only supplies solar power and valuable food, but also serves as a research area. In addition to the research zones at BOKU Vienna, the main focus this year was on the development of the biodiversity strips under the modules. Various seed mixtures were sown here, and a “zero variant” without seeding was also observed. The aim of the botanical monitoring in the period from April to October 2023 was to list the fern and flowering plant species found and to draw conclusions about insect diversity and species richness. In summary, it can be said: Biodiversity is increased by the flower strips, more plant diversity means more insects. The biodiversity effects will increase, and the flower strips sown will become even more species-rich over the next few years. This confirms the multiple benefits of the solar field: solar power, valuable food and increased species diversity and biodiversity!

You can read the entire report here: Biodiversity_Sunfield_Final_Report_2023_VINCA