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The KLAR! On the Leithaberge

With the founding of KLAR! At Leithaberge, the municipalities of Au, Götzendorf, Hof, Mannersdorf and Trautmannsdorf are taking a clear stand against climate change.


Behind the unwieldy name KLAR! lies a programme that makes sense: municipalities are given the opportunity to prepare for climate change and minimize the negative consequences of climate change through adaptation measures. Supported by the Climate and Energy Fund, a KLAR! – a climate change adaptation model region, or KLAR! – a concept for your own region.

As a region, we are challenged together, because temperature extremes, drought and drastic weather events are already affecting us here too. We have to prepare ourselves and find solutions.

News in the KLAR! On the Leithaberge

There’s a lot going on here at KLAR! On the Leithaberge.
You can find all the information here.

Concept and goals

In the KLAR! At Leithaberge, we are focusing on various measures, which we have summarized in the concept. The implementation concept is still being developed. We want to really get going in spring 2024.

The KLAR! On the Leithaberge

The core team of the KLAR! Am Leithaberge consists of mayors, municipal councillors and committed citizens from all five member municipalities of Au, Götzendorf, Hof, Mannersdorf and Trautmannsdorf.
The market town of Trautmannsdorf an der Leitha is the project’s supporting municipality.

News articles

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