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Virtual Biogas” pilot project

In a pilot plant in Bruck an der Leitha, biogas was purified to natural gas quality and fed into the gas grid from 2007 – 2014. The project showed that upgrading biogas to natural gas quality is technically feasible, energy-efficient, and therefore economical.
This laid the technological foundation for the current design of the plant in the direction of full feed-in of biomethane.

In this unique project, a broad-based consortium with 11 project partners analyzed and optimized the entire value chain – from the production of raw materials to the production and upgrading of biogas to its use as a fuel. The aim was to help this innovative technology achieve a breakthrough and to make natural gas fuel even more environmentally friendly by blending it with locally produced biogas. Natural gas and biogas can make a significant contribution as a fuel to reducing greenhouse gas, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions.

Project partners:

Energy Park Bruck/Leitha
Biogas plant Bruck/Leitha

University Project Partners:

– University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences
– Vienna University of Technology
– University of Vienna

Technical & Financing Partners:

– Axiom- EVN
– Vienna Energy
– AVL List
– Graz Energy Agency & LUPower

Funding source:

– Climate and Energy Fund
– Province of Lower Austria