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Solar power

Report on biodiversity at Sonnenfeld

The botany report "Monitoring of flowering plants on flowering strips at the EWS Sonnenfeld agri-PV plant in Bruck/Leitha" has been completed and published. The solar field in Bruck/Leitha, powered by the Climate and Energy Fund, not only supplies solar power and valuable food, but also

Photovoltaic plant Čakany

Photovoltaic plant Čakany: In mid-2009, planning began for the construction of an open-space photovoltaic plant in cooperation with Slovakian partners. 2010 and with Dec. In 2010, the plant went into regular operation. "In the meantime, the plant is in the sole ownership

Solar power for Bruck/Leitha

After an extensive PV potential analysis for various roofs of the municipality of Bruck/Leitha in 2016, 2 sites were finally selected for implementation. Thus, in 2017, two more PV plants were built in Bruck/Leitha, namely on: FF Wilfleinsdorf VS Fischamender

Agri PV – Solar field Bruck/Leitha

The Sonnenfeld Bruck/Leitha is an agri-PV plant whose operating principle is based on the simultaneous harvesting of electricity and food and feed as well as additional increase in biodiversity. The PV modules are mounted on movable module tables that follow the course of the sun,

Harvest day at the sun field!

A "fry party" was held to celebrate the first harvest at the Sonnenfeld and share the potato harvest with the local population. "We are very pleased that we not only harvest green solar power at the Sonnenfeld, but also make a significant