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Solar power for Bruck/Leitha

After an extensive PV potential analysis for various roofs of the municipality of Bruck/Leitha in 2016, 2 sites were finally selected for implementation.

Thus, in 2017, two more PV plants were built in Bruck/Leitha, namely on:

  • FF Wilfleinsdorf
  • VS Fischamender Straße

“Energiepark Bruck/Leitha built this in close coordination with the municipality of Bruck/Leitha. Plant operation is also the responsibility of the energy park.”

Key data of the PV systems:

FF Wilfleinsdorf (distributed on 2 roofs)
VS Fischamender Str. (roof of the sports hall)

Total output
2x 36.4 => 72.8 kWP

Total revenue
approx. 77,000 kWh/year

Power for
approx. 22 households